Directions for applying Lubix to a standard 3x3x3 Cube:

Rotate the upper layer on your cube by 45°.  Apply an upward force to an edge cubie prying it away from the other two layers.


            Do not use any prying tools, as this may result in damage

            to your  cube.

Remove the 8 corner cubies, and 12 edge the pieces from core, leaving the 6 center pieces in place with the core.

Unscrew and remove the locking cap from the dispensing syringe.  Screw the included plastic tapered tip onto the dispenser.


            Pull back lightly on the plunger to prevent any dripping of

            the silicone while you untwist the locking cap.

Pull the center cubie slightly away from the nylon core, and apply 1 dab (1/50th ml) to where the center cubie piece and the core meet. Repeat this step for all 6 points on the core.


            For best results on your cube, this step is VERY important

            and should not be skipped.  The details behind this are

            explained in the FAQ section.  LUBE THE CORE!

Reassemble the cube by aligning the edge and corner pieces onto the core until all but the last edge cubie is in place.  Apply 1 dab (1/50th ml) to an exposed inner cubie’s surface, and insert the last cube.


            Remember to rotate the upper layer on your cubie by 45º

            to insert the last cubie.

Pull back lightly on the plunger to purge the dispensing tip of remaining silicone.  Remove the tapered tip, and replace the locking cap onto the dispenser. Store the tapered tip in the supplied baggie.

  1. *Lubix Speed Cube Silicone

  2. *Clean working surface

  3. *Paper towel


            Lubix silicone can be removed with a light water based

            cleaning solution.

disassemble cube

Applying Lubix

Scramble the cube as normal and solve.  This is adequate to work the silicone onto all surfaces.  Note the movements of the cube may feel sluggish following an application of the silicone while it is being distributed amongst the pieces.  This resistance will diminish as any excess amounts of silicone are worked from rubbing surfaces.  Under normal use this silicone is safe to handle and will have a silk like feeling on the skin.  However, because eyes are sensitive, avoid direct eye contact as it may cause irritation.

Reassemble cube

Thank you for turning your cube, into a Lubix Cube!

Silicone lubricant to speed up your cube and twisting puzzles  -  Lubix cube  -  “Lube the core!”






Lube The Core
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