Lubix is an odorless, colorless, high viscosity pure silicone fluid for decreasing friction on all moving parts of puzzle cubes such as a standard 3x3x3 cube.

Lubix silicone is made of a polydimethylsiloxane polymer. This versatile polymer is used in items such as damping fluids, polishes, food products, cosmetics, hair conditioner heat transfer fluids, as well as lubricants.

Yes!  All lubricants including Lubix are allowed to be used in competition.

There is a good chance you over applied Lubix.  Because of it’s high viscosity, you need very little (1/50ml) on the contact areas of a cube to get it moving with less friction, therefor faster.  If you have over applied, simply wipe off the excess, and the cube will speed back up.

YES!  It is often assumed that simply lubing the contact areas where pieces rub will speed up your cube.  During experiments, it has been found that a large amount of the friction on a cube is actually coming from the core where the springs, washers, and screw hold the core together.  Lube these 6 points for best results.

Limited.  Please contact for more information on setting up a wholesale or merchant account.

Because of it’s high viscosity, Lubix will remain in the core area for a very long time.  As mentioned above, the core of the cube makes up for a great amount of a cubes friction. Since the lube has no place to go to break down, the speed gains of using Lubix can be noticed many months after applying.  For decreasing surface-to-surface friction, apply 1/50ml of Lubix to the pieces as needed.

      how long will it last?

YES!  Lubix is now available in larger 4cc and 8cc sizes for cubers looking to lube their entire collection.  Check the Purchase page for information.

At this point, the offer extended on the forums for free samples has expired.  However, Lubix Cube will be attending United States based WCA competitions as time permits.  Free lubes for competitors and attendees alike are available at these events.  Lubix also has black logo shirts as well as Lubix silicone at these events.

YES!  When comparing it to other lubricants, consider the side effects.  Lubix is a pure silicone that does not damage ABS and other plastics.  It is also safe to handle.  Other products on the market are known to break down and destroy plastic, and are potentially dangerous to your health.  Because of it’s thickness, Lubix tends to hold onto the cube longer compared to low viscosity or milky lubricants.  This is especially noticeable when lubricating the 6 core points on a 3x3.

Silicone lubricant to speed up your cube and twisting puzzles  -  Lubix cube  -  “Lube the core!”

YES!  Under normal use this silicone is safe to handle and will have a silk like feeling on the skin.  However, because eyes are sensitive, avoid direct contact with them as it may cause irritation.  If you need further information, the material safety data sheet can be found here: LubixMSDS  The information contained in this MSDS has been granted branding license from the original material manufacturer to Lubix Cube. The trade information enclosed is protected under both Federal and State laws and is not to be copied, modified, published, or distributed without express written permission from Donovan Cline at

At various events and meet-ups, Lubix has been used on a large variety of cubes with great results. The following cubes are the ones I actively use my collection, and I have seen a noticeable improvement from lubing every one.

2 x 2

  1. East Sheen

  2. Lan Lan

  3. Sheng Shao

  4. V-Cube 2

3 x 3                             

  1. Alpha III

  2. Alpha V

  3. Alpha VI (Heiyan’s Heiyan)

  4. Alpha Feng

  5. Cube4You Gas Assisted

  6. C4U MH

  7. DaYan TaiYan                           

  8. DaYan GuHong - (My main cube, modified to the ELITE)

  9. DaYan GuHong - POM

  10. DaYan Ling Yun

  11. DaYan LunHui

  12. DaYan ZhanChi - (Prototype)

  13. Edison                 

  14. Ghost Hand I

  15. Ghost Hand II     

  16. Heiyan Memory (#1950)

  17. Maru

  18. Rubik’s Cube (Store Bought)            

  19. Rubik’s Cube (California)

  20. Rubik’s Cube (D.I.Y. Type Q)

  21. Sheng En Type F-I                          

  22. Sheng En Type F-II

3 x 3 Mini               

  1. Dienshang Mini 45mm

  2. Keychain 35mm

  3. Micro Memory 47mm

4 x 4

  1. DaYan MF8

  2. East Sheen

  3. Maru 

  4. QJ  

  5. Sheng Shao

  6. X-Cube        

5 x 5

  1. East Sheen

  2. YJ

  3. V-Cube 5

6 x 6

  1. V-Cube 6


  1. V-Cube 7

9 x 9

  1. Yong Jon 9x9

11x 11

  1. Yuxin 11x11

Various Cubes

  1. Domino 1x3x3

  2. Domino 1x3x3 Super Floppy                              

  3. Domino 2x3x3

  4. Guo Jia 8 Panel Magic

  5. Guo Jia 8 Panel Magic Mini

  6. MF8 Megaminx

  7. Rubik’s Clock (internal gears)

  8. Rubik’s Magic

  9. Rubik’s Mirror Block  

  10. Rubik’s Void                     

  11. Square 1

  12. Tony Fisher’s Fisher Cube

  13. YJ Magic Magic 12 Panel

  14. Mefferts MF8 Megaminx

  15. Mefferts MF8 Legend

The Paris cube is a store bought standard Rubik’s cube nearly 5 years old, and is the original cube to be lubed with Lubix.  As the name implies, it has been around the world, and is currently back from Las Vegas. Recently seen at the US Nationals competition in Ohio, It has been lubed with Lubix a total of twice in it’s lifetime, and is a very nice cube to twist, and is a great example of how well Lubix works.   It can be seen at various WCA events where Lubix Cube is vending.

Lubix is now partnering with several of your favorite online cubing stores.  If your favorite place to buy cubes doesn’t carry Lubix, let me know! You can currently purchase Lubix thru these various sites:, Puzzle Addictions,,,,, PuzleMagico, and eBay.

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